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Every one of the following testimonials is GENUINE and not made up to impress you.   The Internet's overseer, the FCA, would be happy to prosecute me if they were not genuine, so rest assured, what you read is unsolicited and genuine.

The course in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy held by Robert Shields is of great value, concise but rich of incentives to study in depth and improve the skills acquired.   I am proud to be a student of the Robert Shields College and I will be always in his debt because I have found a simple way to restart my career in this important study area.   I suggest this course to the persons that want to learn a fascinating science and master a human tool to help people to overcome many psychological issues.  From: Giovannini Franco Maria, Alexandria, Italy

The course material was concise well presented and comprehensive.  I found the material intellectually stimulating and easily understood. Whenever problems were encountered these were promptly attended to.  Although not presented in the lecture hall the classroom experience was there.  I strongly recommend the course!   Rudie L., S. Africa

I found this course to be very enjoyable and informative.  I learned more from this course than just hypnotherapy.  It may sound funny but some of the things taught in this course actually shed some light on a few Bible subjects I had been studying.  I think that this has been the best money I have spent this year.  I thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and the opportunity to better myself.   Quinten H. Texas, USA

I am finding the course very interesting, and it is making things which I knew about clearer.    I do find that after going part way through another course on Hypnosis, your course is put over a lot clearer and is easier to understand.  Fred Corbett, Derbyshire, U.K.

I found the course very interesting and as you predicted I did learn a lot about myself.  Colin Lockyer, Chula Vista, ESA

Having previously obtained my hypnotherapy certification through a course costing many times your very low price I was very impressed by the amount of information contained in your program. You offer more depth and breadth than other programs at a fraction of the cost. I would not hesitate to recommend your program to anyone interested in the field of hypnosis. If they have the dream, this is the key to unlock the door.  Dale Curwin,-Ontario, Canada

Dear Robert

The course is excellent, each section has a clear objective that leads into an easy to understand explanation, whilst creating an easy yet very effective learning environment. 

The past four weeks of study and practice, has passed very quickly.  I am finding no shortage of family and friends to share the learning with, and my aim is to take the examination late November early December. (I am excited before each section, throughout the section and at the end, knowing I am about to start another)
I am like a child with a new toy, it has dramatically changed my life, and enhanced the life of others, with whom I come into contact .
Great Job, Keep doing what you do,,,, IT WORKS

Craig, USA

The course is easy to understand, everything is explained in such a straightforward manner.

It was mentioned in the course that you will notice changes in yourself as the course goes on. This is accurate. I learned a lot about myself and have enjoyed it every step of the way!

I have been practicing with friends throughout the course and have been lucky to have a friend who is very susceptible to hypnosis. It was nothing less than amazing to watch and do. Everything that the course said would happen did.

Thank you Robert for offering the world a chance to help others and better themselves-and to do it at such a great price is amazing! Your course was truly fantastic.  Samanthae, Cleveland, USA

More Testimonials

I found the course thoroughly interesting and also stimulating as I have now decided to study both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to advanced levels. I also found the recommended books useful and I have purchased several of them.

The quality of the course beggars other more costly courses that I have seen and contains sound and applicable fundamentals. With application of the material (and insurance) one could immediately commence in practice. Anthony, Colchester, UK

The course content is excellent and well put together.   This course is worth more than gold.    It has helped me in my everyday tasks.  Being a Software Developer I deal with a lot of stress among other things.  This course has helped me to relieve my stress as well as helping my co-workers.  My goal is to go into my own practice Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.  Thank You for a new future. William Beck, Ohio, USA

It definitely has been my pleasure to have such an inspiring gentleman as my coach, teacher, tutor and instructor.  Thank You!  From: Colleen, Illinois, USA

I loved the course and think it is very valuable and complete.       Thank you for all the work you put into it, it shows.    In all seriousness, thank you for a wonderful course, I will certainly be recommending it to anyone with an interest in hypnotherapy. - Bob B. UK

I enjoyed the course very much and found it very interesting, and I am going to miss it, despite the hick-ups with e-mail etc. Please keep me informed with other things coming along in the future. -   Howard, USA

Firstly, thank you for an excellent hypnotherapy course! Having now completed all the lessons and taken (and passed) the Final Exam I can fully appreciate that now the 'real work' begins as there is still   so much for me to learn and become familiar with, but I can assure you that already the lessons learned have made an impact upon my life and upon the few people I have treated as 'clients'.    B.G. 

I have taken a course before. The course was good I thought, but this is much much better,  answering lots of questions I had, and so extensive. J.H.

I am loving the course and I really appreciate your sense of humor throughout your work.  A.C.  

I have downloaded the full course and am very pleased with what I have read so far. You obviously know your subject and have a way of putting over the essentials succinctly and understandably. R.M.

I believe in your work and truly feel that your curriculum sets a  standard of excellence far above any other clinical hypnotherapy program, I have encountered.  Clifton 

I am extremely impressed with your material, and I see that it is MUCH deeper than first appears,    and will truly prepare one to succeed as a hypnotherapist.    A.W. 

I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons and am completely thrilled that they are so informative and written in a way  that can be practiced in a real environment. ............When my training is done, and   my certificate obtained we are  planning to open 2 hypnotherapy clinics and would like to point  people to your site to learn hypnotherapy.  M.S.

Just a line to let you know that I have received the CD, Many thanks. I have started studies and I am really pleased with the course so far.  P.W.

I am really enjoying your course and finding it very, very interesting.   You seem to have gathered a    lot of diverse knowledge into a very concise and  highly informative course.   And I also find that you are very interesting and kind person with a rich inner world. A.F.

 "Firstly, thank you for an excellent hypnotherapy course! Having now completed all the lessons and taken (and passed) the Final Exam I can fully appreciate that now the 'real work' begins as  there is still so much for me to learn and become familiar with, but I can assure you that already the  lessons learned have made an impact upon my life and upon the few people I have treated as 'clients".B.G. 

and even more Testimonials below:

I studied Hypnotherapy before with .............. but wasn't able to finish the course as my  partner became ill.   This is why the course is ideal.   I don't even have to leave the house!   And from      what I have seen so far, the course covers absolutely everything so I am really looking forward to the       next lesson.  -  Alice  

I would like to thank you for the contents of the course.   I have found it very educational and have also achieved a greater understanding of myself.  I hope to be able to put my new found knowledge into practice to the advantage of others.   Again ,thank you.  M.J.B.

Dear Robert

I have just received my diploma and membership and am writing to pass on my thanks on what was without doubt an absolutely fantastic course.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the course to any prospective candidate - it is thoroughly well structured and provides unbeatable value for money.

The course has made me very optimistic about my future - both on a personal & professional level.

Once again, many, many thanks for an excellent course.

Best Regards


I really enjoyed your course, thank you for all you support and encouragement, if I can be of any assistance in the future, concerning supporting your cause, please contact me. George R.

Just a few lines to say thank you for the course. Enjoyed it thoroughly and was impressed with the wide range knowledge base contained within.  Jon.P.

I have completed your course in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and even though I have not set up as a practitioner, I have benefited enormously from your teachings.    The personal benefits have been far too many to list, but suffice to say that I have learned so much about other people and myself that I see the world in a different light and have much more patience and understanding.    I think you should add  'guru' to your name as you are no doubt a leader in your field.     Thank you for a wonderful course."  -     Ron S, UK

thanks again Robert for a very enjoyable and educational experience - I look forward to undertaking further study in the subject areas from the course.  I wish you every success with the college and thank you again for making the course so accessible, informative and fun. Tony, Scotland

I loved the course and intend to make good use of it. Thanks so much for making it available.   E. Lambert, Canada

I would also like to express my appreciation of the course, as it has been extremely beneficial to me thus far, and is one of the best I've seen on the subject of Hypnotherapy. I look forward to continuing my studies in this field, and am grateful for the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge on the subject in this manner. :)  Melora, USA

Let my graduates have the last say:

Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure dealing with you and making it possible for me to take the first steps towards a new future. I look forward to dealing with you in the future. Ken Riggins, Colorado, USA

As a practising psychiatric nurse in the UK, with a training background rooted in the humanistic psychologies, I was familiar with much of the material presented in your course. Some (very few) interpretations I disagreed with, but that simply challenged me to question my own interpretation.   The vast majority of the material that I was already familiar with, was presented in ways that gave me new insight - I have had many "aha" moments throughout the course (and I do so enjoy those :-).    And the material that was new to me, well, wow.   Simple and profound.  I am aware that this study has been the first step on a fantastic journey lasting a lifetime, and I thank you for the opportunity to take that first step - If I am in a position to do for others in the future what you have done, I will consider myself a blessed man.     Adam Sergent,  UK

I am impressed by the personal touch you add to E-learning, Robert. You are available, and that is important to many people hesitating to participate in internet-based programs like this. Remi Marents, Oslo, Norway

It is almost scary how far in depth you go into details I never even considered at the time I decided to take your course.  Ray, Canada

Found the course to provide great amounts of useful information in preparing one for entering the field of Hypnotherapy. There certainly is value for the money here and I would recommend this course to anyone who is searching for a Hypnotherapy program. Robert Shields never failed to promptly answer my emails. Thank you Robert Shields for providing such a program!   You may use my comments for your website. Linda MacGillivray, Canada

The above is only a small selection of the many testimonials I receive



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